Coronovirus Mortgage and Real Estate Crisis of 2020- NOT !


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Coronavirus has really struck hard and even Real estate was hit. A lot of people did not have money to pay their rent and it was really bad. I have just become a member of one real estate investor funding groups and it was really hard to adapt to new situation and I was the new guy who needed to learn everything. It was hard, but those guys are pros and they adapted very quickly and there were people looking for properties to invest in. Now the situation is quiet with the virus and it is much easier. People do not care about it that much anymore.


Well, its all chaos now. Hard to know what the truth is, as we all don't have the true stories. All fake news. One thing for sure, the FEDs are doing a great job holding this all together. And I believe they are doing it for the coming election. After the election, despite who wins, its going to all surface. The presidential candidates are well over 70s, with covid19 sticking around forever and the coming financial challenge, the next president's live is cut short. If Biden wins we will have the first female president, and at best what we saw from Obama. If Trump wins, what we saw in the last 4years will be likely what we will see for next 4years.

Jdanovsky. People do care about it more than ever. The folks with the money are worried sick that hyper inflation will happen. As the FED prints money, price on everything at the stores has gone up. I am sure people are seeing that as they go buy food. They believe the best place to put their money is in GOLD and/or Real Estate.

This go for people around the world. Rich folks will do whatever to protect their money. They will eventual figure out to put their money where it is most stable. That means money will be going to the certain nations.

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The 'partnership' between the private sector and government, on Covid therapeutics, and what looks like multiple vaccine approvals has been really impressive, to say the least. Add in, that these drug companies are already staged to produce and deliver tens of millions of doses upon final approval is mind boggling.

I remain confident and optimistic that as the vaccines roll out and the economy roars back (already underway), this administration will provide more specific relief and remedy to those facing eviction and foreclosure due to Covid.