Loan modification trial payments - after 2+ years CRs changed from 'Data Unavailable' to 30, 60 days late


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My mortgage loan maturity date was scheduled for February 2021 and there would have been a balloon payment due at that time. I knew I would be unable to make the large payment so I reached out to my mortgage company 6 months prior to see what my options were. I was approved for a loan modification to extend the maturity date for 5 years to March 2026. I was put on a trial payment plan for 6 months (Feb 2021 - July 2021). All of these payments were made on time and the modification became permanent. During this time, my CRs showed 'Data Unavailable' for the months of the trial payments. I messaged my mortgage company in 2022 (screenshot attached) asking to update the trial payments to reflect current, but they replied it was 'reported correctly and no updates would be made at this time'. All my payments prior to the modification and after were all reporting current.

Fortunately, I was able to pay my mortgage off early and made the final payment last month. A few days ago I receivee a credit notification that I have a recent late payment. I pull my credit reports and all 3 show my mortgage tradeline as paid/zero balance and the following:

3/21: 30 days late
4/21: 60 days late
5/21: 30 days late
6/21: 60 days late
7/21: 30 days late

I called my mortgage company and after going back and forth with a couple of different people, they told me this was reporting correctly. I asked why after almost 3 years was my info changed from data unavailable to 60 & 30 day lates? They claimed they don't change historical data. They are stating I must have been delinquent at some point because they can't modify loans that are current (screenshot below shows current payments until first trial payment was made). Of course, my score plummeted 58 points. Do I have any recourse (dispute the lates, goodwill to reverse back to 'data unavailable', etc)? Or are they correct?