When Is My Waiting Period Done? (bk And Foreclosure)


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Sep 7, 2013
My wife and I filed for a bankruptcy that was discharged on November 26,2014. We included the house in the bankruptcy. The sheriff's sale occurred in December of 2015, and was recorded in February of 2016. I have talked to 3 loan officers so far regarding when I would qualify for an FHA loan and have gotten different answers. Two of them said it would be from November of 2014, and one has said February of 2016. Internet articles keep giving ambiguous answers.

We definitely have enough for a down payment, and our credit scores are over 700, so the only thing holding us back is the waiting period. When does our waiting period end? We need to know before our lease is up in November of this year, so the answer will impact where we rent before buying our next house.

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Jan 14, 2011
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Hi Moonkeeper,
This is actually a scenario that I personally specialize in - Prop included in BK financing.

Conventional would go based off the BK seasoning period when including a property which would be 4 years post the discharge date. Meaning November 2018 you will be eligible.

FHA considers foreclosure and bankruptcy two separate events, the seasoning would based on the foreclosure date which is 3 years. Based on what you mentioned above, December of 2018 you would be eligible for FHA.

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