What documents does co-singer receiver/see at closing?


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Dec 2, 2019
I am purchasing my first home & have someone in my family co-signing for me. I am wanting to know what forms the co-signer has to receive & what they will leave with, if any. It is an FHA loan if that makes any difference.

I am specifically wanting to know if they will have to sign/see/receive paperwork showing my debt/liabilities...I know that we will have to sign these forms, however I don’t know if we will individually sign & receive them, or if we sign ours personally as well as the other persons.

After originally applying & getting pre-approval letter, I was sent 15+ documents to sign before the loan could go to underwriting. One of the documents was a “Uniform Residential Loan Application” form..this listed all of my assets & debts/liabilities..but it only showed mine, it did not show the co-signers, he got one as well that showed only his. So just wondering if at closing they will be individual or if we will have to sign our own as well as the other persons & be sent home with those forms. Any insight is appreciated!

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Jan 14, 2011
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A co-signor is equally responsible for the debt and will also have access to any and all documents, they will be signing the same closing set as you will at closing. On the loan application or 1003 that will be included in those documents, it should show the assets. Sometimes as loan officers, if we are not using the assets to close we will remove them from the application to not create additional documents needed (make the process easier).
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