Strange Phone Call From Carrington...


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Jun 23, 2014
Hi all,

Some of you may be familiar with our story, which FINALLY came to an end in early January after many months of hard work and fighting back on my part. Anyway, in January, we were finally approved for a special forbearance and a 12-month repayment plan, which we immediately accepted and signed and sent back all of the paperwork and we were good to go and hell we had been going through since last May was finally over.

At the time we got the approval for this repayment plan, Mike, my account manager/direct point of contact at Carrington, gave us the option of either starting the repayment plan either that month (January), or we could choose to wait and start it in February if we wanted some more time to put some money aside and then we could make our first payment any time in February. If we chose to start in February, the payment would be $100 more per month, not a huge deal.

I told Mike that I would like to talk to my husband about it when he got home from work to see what he thought we should do and that I would get back to him within the next day or two and let him know when we want to start the repayment plan. Mike said that was no problem, just to let him know what we decide so he could put it in writing and make it official.

My husband and I both agreed that starting the repayment plan in February would be ideal since it would give us some more time to put a little extra money aside, get our tax returns done, and would give us a chance to get some much needed electrical repairs done to our house that needed to be done. I called Mike at Carrington back the next day and told him that we decided to start in February and explained our reasons for this. He said that was no problem at all.

He did up the paperwork with the repayment plan schedule and then he emailed it for me to print out, sign, and fax back to him, which I promptly did and confirmed that he received it. I then told him that I would be in touch by the middle of February to schedule the first payment, and he said that was no problem.

Fast forward to today, a little over a month later, just as I was leaving to run a couple of errands, the phone rang. I answered and it was Mike, my account manager. He said "I know that we had set up your forbearance repayment agreement to start in February, but I'm being asked why you couldn't have started it in January." I kind of paused and was thinking "huh????" to myself in my head. I was totally confused and completely caught off guard by this.

I then replied, " were the one who gave us the option of starting in either January or February and, as I had explained last month, we chose February because it would give us a bit more time to put some extra money aside, plus get the fairly costly electrical issue fixed in our home." (I had told him all of this last month.) He then said, "Oh, ok, that's fine. I just wanted to check because I was being asked. Just give me a call when you're ready to schedule this month's payment."

I said, "Okay, I will do that and was planning to call to schedule the payment by the end of this week. So, are we still all good? I'm sorry if I sound a bit off, but I'm totally confused about this phone call and don't understand why it is suddenly being questioned. I have the repayment plan right on my desk and it clearly states that it starts in February, and I still have all of our emails from when we were setting up this repayment plan." He then said, "Oh yes, everything is still fine. It's just that I was being questioned about it, so I wanted to check with you."

Does this phone call seem totally off the wall to anyone else??? Should I just brush it off and forget about it? I know that they can't go back on what they already put in writing, which is that the repayment plan is to start this month (February), not January. It just left me feeling a bit unsettled! I still don't even understand why he called me!
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