Renting Assistance Programs?


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Dec 20, 2010
Short story short, I need help. I've been moving from apartment to apartment every 6 months(only signing 6 month leases, some places I stay don't even have leases), and would like to settle in one place for once. If there are, are there job and income requirements for most or any. I have a minimum wage full time job, and can barely afford to support myself alone. If there aren't any programs out there, what are some tips that I may be able to follow.

Evan Bedard

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Aug 26, 2007
San Diego, California
As long as you have the means to support your monthly payments and can prove so, I do not see why you cannot rent somewhere for longer. Ask your landlord for a 12 month contract and re-new the contract each time it expires. As long as you are a faithful renter and are able to make your payments each month, your landlord should have no problem keeping you in the apartment.