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I am in California Back in 2010 I did a loan modification assumed that The second loan was part of it, and I haven’t paid on the second loan since 2010. In December of 2019 Real time Resolution file foreclosure on my home . I don’t know what to do. I have been paying my first loan monthly and I don’t want to lose my home. We have worked very hard to obtain this home . Any advice will be appreciated. Thank you
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Irma.. why don't you switch the situation around. You are now the lender and the borrower is not paying. Do you see opportunity to get back the money that you had lend with interest? Usually the seconds don't foreclose and tend to want to work out something because there is no money to be made. If they went straight to a foreclosure, they are sure there is money and don't want to waste time. They either bought the note pennies on a dollar, or equity went up due to the market or you paid enough towards the first. This eventually will happen to everyone who is not paying the second.

Uncle SAM is not going to help either. he just wants to collect all the tax.

You can reach out to them, to see if they are willing to work out something with you. But your best bet is BK. I know you worked hard, but its one of those things that aren't meant to be. Of course, unless, there is no equity and no money to be made even after buying the note for pennies. And that only can happen if the bubble busted. Another financial meltdown, which large group of people are working very hard for not to happen. See who you are up against?


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Mar 18, 2020
I would like to show thanks to you just for bailing me out of this this particular trouble. As a result of checking through the net and meeting techniques that was not productive, I released my life was done.


GSPLAW.. if you are breathing, your life isn't done. if you are here, I believe you may have some sort of housing/money problem. At most losing a house and having no place to live. But that's normal since ancient time. We all came in this world with empty hands and we will leave with empty hands. No matter what you see, feel, hear, or what someone else says. It is all an illusion. You aren't missing anything.

Deal with life, one step at a time. And some time, you just have to let go and start over. Look around you, look up in the sky, whether its night or day, it is always beautiful. Ever wonder why its always beautiful?