Possible Manufactured Home Loan After House Foreclosure?


LoanSafe Member
Aug 20, 2014
My hubby and I foreclosed on our house (completed last year, they took a LONG time, over a year, to complete the process). It was a strategic move in a bad situation, but it doesn't qualify for any of the typical hardship loopholes.

Are manufactured home loans any different than traditional home loans? Or does it depend if they are in a park vs. on land? I thought they were considered personal property since they are titled like a car.

The only other thing we can think of is lease/option to buy or OWC since we can't get any regular mortgage broker to touch us. We want to keep our loan around $60-70K and have about 10K saved. Our credit is squeaky clean otherwise. The loan officers all say... it's only the foreclosure holding you back. We actually scored pretty high.

Renting for 2 more years doesn't sound like fun to me. I'd much rather settle down.

Can anyone answer and advise?