Please Help!!!


LoanSafe Member
Jan 14, 2013
I am at my witts end.

This is a long story but let me try to explain it the best I can.

We were previously with Homeward Financial and as of January we were five months behind. I was told that I needed to pay at least two and a half payments which was 4650. I paid that in January, two payments were applied and 930 was placed in a suspense account and I was told that it would be applied to my next payment.

In Feburary I was told I had to make at least two payments which was 3720. I was told that since I had the 950 in the suspense account that I needed to pay 3250 and they would apply 470 to that from my account to make the two payments. That would put me under 90 days past due. I set the payment up for 02-28-13.

I received a letter stating they were switching to Ocwen as of 03-01-2013 and the last day to make a payment and have it applied was 02-28-13. On 02-27-13 I contacted Homeward again and was assured that my payment for the next day was fine, that the 470 would be applied and I was all set.

I go into my Ocwen account today and it shows they received 3250 from me on 03-01-13. It did not show the whole 3720 that was suppoised to be applied. I called Ocwen and they told me that they never received any extra from Homeward and I was not 90 days past due and they could only take the full amount owed which is 7436. They told me to contact Homeward to find out why they never applied the money.

I contacted Homeward and spoke to a manager and he told me they never had a payment from me on 02-28-13 (which I have the Western Union receipt confirming it was made from my bank account to them) and it must have went straight to Ocwen. When I said that the payment should be under them because it was for 02-28-13 he said oh well, it went to Ocwen instead I guess. They said they applied the money in the account to my escrow. I asked why they didnt apply the money like they said they would and they said that I should have never been assured that would happen as things can change. I advised them that because of that mistake I am now over 90 days past due and now Ocwen will not take my payment. I was told that they couldn't do anything about it and it's not their fault.

Ocwen said I can try to contact their research department for help, but if not, I would have to pay the total due or they will not accept anything. I dont know what to do. Homeward completely lied to me and because of it, I diont know who to contact or fight this. I need help!