Paramount Equity Mortgage: NEW: Washington DFI Finds Them Guilty AGAIN!

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I hope this encourages others to file a complaint against your mortgage broker if they were the root cause of a predatory loan you received. We purchased TWO loans through Paramount Equity Mortgage back in 2006, and while it has been an excruciating battle to get to the murky bottom of the blame barrel, CLEARLY Paramount is the real cause of all the issues. They made multiple violations against us.

In recent years, the State of Washington nearly revoked their license and DID make a settlement agreement with them to pay restitution to borrowers who had the stated violations in their mortgage docs. As an example of what can happen by spending a little bit of time submitting a complaint, you CAN get help. This CONFIRMATION of their violation against will me will be of great interest to my CURRENT servicers, who are about to made to buy back the mortgages (which I rescinded). I am told (by the servicer) that IF the mortgage broker was guilty of fraud, they would then sue them for the loan. Now I have proof from the State.

Gratifying. Please take a look, and then reply back if you would like any information AT ALL about Paramount Equity Mortgage. I have a LONG LIST of things that I can share that may help you. Here is a link to the document:

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Thank you for providing this information! Hopefully this will encourage more people to take action in their own situations. Try and spread this to as much people as possible.