NO MAX Properties Financed!

Erik Sandstrom

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Jan 14, 2011
San Diego, California
Hi Team,
We have a niche program that recently opened up to borrowers with a vast schedule of real estate owned properties. Many banks are unable to finance borrowers with more than 4 financed properties. We are able to now assist borrowers no matter how many properties they have financed.

Been turned down because you have too many properties financed? Not anymore! As the mortgage marketplace evolves we are seeing new programs being implemented to help more borrowers refinance or purchase properties. This investor will do 2 loans MAX under their own portfolio.

Here's a small list of our Niche Products:
1. FHA Back to Work
2. HARP Unlimited LTV
3. FHA 580 FICO or NO FICO (NO FICO is better than someone having negative credit history)
4. 30% down day after foreclosure
5. Manufactured Financing
.....and more!