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NACA or the Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America aims to help homeowners in seeking a more economical financing solution.

Their goal is to help homeowners restructure their mortgages in a manner that makes them more affordable. Note that restructuring involves either a reduction of principal or interest rate or in some cases, both. As opposed to a refinance, a restructuring option does not require a new loan.

Why would a homeowner seek NACA mortgage help?

Basically, NACA has relationships with several of the major lenders and investors. The agreements with these lending institutions can help borrowers permanently reduce their mortgage payments. Getting involved is quite simple, as one must first attend a workshop. What’s fascinating about the program is that all of their mortgage assistance is free of charge. One can easily sign up to participate in a workshop through the company’s official website, located at

NACA aims to help homeowners avoid foreclosure. The foreclosure process is undesired by both parties in a lending agreement, as filing costs to the lender are astronomical. In addition, a foreclosure results in a decrease in a borrower’s credit rating.

Many are weary to get involved with NACA since it hard to measure how helpful it has been to borrowers. However, a little research will demonstrate that NACA has received nothing but positive feedback from its members. In 2009, NACA hosted a Save the Dreams event in Charlotte, North Carolina. Approximately 30,000 borrowers showed up to the event seeking mortgage help. The Better Business Bureau has even recognized NACA as a noteworthy organization by giving it a B+ rating. More information regarding the NACA Save the Dream event can be found at NACA continues promising mortgages despite complaints | | Charlotte Business News | | News for Charlotte, North Carolina.

NACA continues to host conventions, Save the Dream Events to help financially troublesome borrowers make their mortgage payments. In as recently as January, NACA hosted another Save the Dream event in Los Angeles. Several of the participants were able to reduce their mortgage interest rates to as low as 2%.

NACA CEO Bruce Marks states that the key to mortgage restructuring involves proper disclosure of information so that lending institutions are fully aware of each borrower’s financial position. What’s fascinating about NACA is that those who have benefited from the program have stated that their mortgages were reduced in just matter of days. To date, NACA is one of America’s most renowned non-profit organizations.

As stated earlier, the official website of NACA can be located at

Here visitors will find information on NACA in recent news in addition to the overall mission of the organization. Those seeking more information can contact NACA directly through the address [email protected].

NACA’s historic Save the Dream Tour has been an incredible success with hundreds of thousands of participants. Thousands of homeowners received same day solutions saving hundreds some over $1,000 a month. All of NACA’s services are FREE. Below are the cities we're planning to host events in 2011. To sign-up and to advocate for an event in your area click on the location below. The more support the sooner and more likely the event.

Miami, FL
Feb 25-28
Miami Beach Convention Center
Atlanta, GA
Mar 3-7
America's Mart
Memphis, TN
Mar 17-20
Orlando, FL
Mar 31-Apr 4


Brittnay Nixon [email protected]

Kevin Winn 617-250-6222 ext 254


Currently, the company is campaigning against Chase Bank to help borrowers refinance their mortgages. With the track record of success demonstrated by NACA in the past, it is highly likely the organization continues to help thousands of borrowers seek desired financial solutions.

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Michael Naz

Michael Naz
Jan 9, 2011
Southern California
All good? NACA? Wow cool deal.......

Transparent... As always.. I get a bunch of people un happy with NACA so should I really just send them to the above contacts you name? I've heard some good as well just want to be sure, this is the way to handle any problems. We don't and can not do a service it's a product so we get call ins saying they were trying NACA... Is there maybe a better or more direct contact? Everyone has good and bad long as it's honest and transparent, and helping homeowners..

Good stuff NACA!!! Keep up good work no matter how many you help you will always have the ungrateful ones, and boy do they stick out compared to hundreds of thousands you help, totally backwards ...