HELCO and refinanced cash out same time


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Dec 22, 2008
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<!-- google_ad_section_start -->I refinanced cash out and after that same time set up HELCO with the same primary house with the same lender. how differences refinanced cash out and HELICO.

what if I request loan md---what hapens the HELICO( the HAMP program help the HeLICO rate lowere or pricipal reduction or foregiven ??)
what if I foreclosure--- the HElCOand refinanced cash out deficiency judgement and following me around ??
what if ---short sales or walk away or file the bankrupcy then what happend the HElCO and refinanced cash out , chasing me with deficiency judgement.

home value 680k(zillow) loan 550k and HElCO 300K ( same lender)

what kind of chances I have. Which choice is the bether than other one if loan md is rejected.

I also have 2 renta houes ( upside down)with refinanced cash out with the same lender . Then what happens if the above sam situation( forclosure,or short sale or walk away and or bankrupcy) as investment property. the refi cash out any deficiency judgement chasing me aroud --only choice with bankrupcy ???

I appreciate any comment on these situations

best wishes

Moe Bedard

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Aug 10, 2007
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You need to get www.naca.com or an attorney to help you. We cant keep answering your questions because we are a free forum with limited capabilities. Please get help off the forum from now on because we have answered as many questions as we can and now have to help others with less complicated problems and issues.

Good luck!