Foreign National Loans For Second Homes Or Investment Properties

Erik Sandstrom

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Jan 14, 2011
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There are a few companies out that do offer foreign national loans but most require a significant down payment. The product that will be mentioned today is something that I’ve found to have be the best out there.

Foreign National borrowers are defined as individuals that reside outside of the US, are not employed within the US and has legally entered the US by retaining a valid passport issued by the country of residence, an Ex-Patriot that has resided outside of the U for a prolonged period of time or a previous VISA holder that has had all applicable USCIS documents expire.

Details of the Foreign National Program:
  • Domestic credit reports are not required
  • 680 credit score required only is a domestic credit report is available. International credit report from the country of origin is required and to also be sourced by a US credit reporting agency.
  • Second Homes and Investment Properties allowed
  • 30% down up to 625,000 loan amount, 35% down up to 1,000,000 loan amount
  • Investment Property Requires 50% down payment max loan amount 1M
  • Max loan amount for 2nd homes is 2M
  • All income, asset and credit documents that originate from the borrower’s country of residence are required to be translated into English by a non-participating third party and all currencies are to be exchanged in to US equivalents.
  • Debt to Income ratio not to exceed 43%
  • Gift funds are not permitted
Common Questions Asked:
What if you are moving into the country and don’t have any income yet?
Unfortunately this product is not for people that are planning to reside in the United States and have not documented the ability to repay the loan.

Are any derogatory events in the past going to hurt me? Yes, any derogatory events in the last 7 years will cause the loan to potentially be denied.

What types of programs do you have? 30 year fixed and 5/1 ARM programs available.

What are the interest rates? Please click on the link below and it will direct you where you need to go to fill out the online application or feel free to contact us directly.

If you would like to apply for our Foreign National Home Loan program please CLICK HERE.

Any additional questions feel free to ask below on this thread as well.