For Minority Customers of Option One, Please Read!


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Jan 10, 2008
Hi everyone!

As you might have read in the Breaking Foreclosure News forum, the Massachusetts Attorney General's office has filed a lawsuit against H&R Block and Option One, as well as Option One's new owner, American Home Mortgage, for discriminatory lending against minority borrowers, mainly African-American and Hispanic. I happen to be a deaf Option One customer and the thought that I may have been targeted for a predatory loan on the basis of my handicap has been nagging me for a long time.

On a whim, I called the MA Atty Gen's office this morning and asked the person with whom I spoke how they came to the conclusion that these Option One customers were being singled out on the basis of race, etc., etc. He said he could not go into specifics because it was still under investigation, but that I was welcome to file a complaint with them against OOMC, even though I am a Kansas resident, which I am doing this weekend. If any of you believe that you might have been singled out on the basis of your race or handicap, etc.,etc. for a predatory loan by Option One, then by all means file a complaint with the MA Atty General. The URL to the complaint form (a PDF document) is at this link:

File a Consumer Complaint

Let me know what you think, and good luck!



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Mar 20, 2009
I called the MA attorney general's office and they referred me to my state's ag. I live in Texas and they would not handle mine. When I called them, they told me they would mediate my concerns. I am going to fill my application out online. For Texas, the website is Texas Attorney General and then go to the complaint form. This can all be done online. I hope this helps someone as the the first post helped me.