Cash Out Manufactured Home Loans

Erik Sandstrom

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Jan 14, 2011
San Diego, California
Most people will tell you that cash out is not allowed on manufactured loans and in most cases they are correct. There are ways to get cash out on a manufactured home loan and I'm going to mention the requirements below.

Manufactured Home Loan Requirements:
  • Must own the land along with the property
  • Property must have been constructed on or after June 1976
  • Home must be at least a double wide
  • Living space must be 600sq foot or larger
  • Property must be on fixed, permanent foundation (posts, piers, beams, slabs...etc)

If you meet the requirements above you are one step ahead of the ball game. If you do not meet the requirements above there are portfolio lenders that may be able to help however the interest rate and costs seem to be very high.

After meeting the above requirements it doesn't stop there:
  • FICO score must be at least 640+
  • Loan Amount 60,000.00 or greater
  • 65% Loan to Value Maximum
  • Loan term of 20 years or less

These are not overlays, these are Fannie Mae guidelines however most loan officers will not know as they don't specialize in manufactured. We have been helping homeowners here at with manufactured homes for the last almost 10 years. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to us at 800-779-4547.