Bagels at a Bar mitzvah Part II

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As far as FC homeowners in need of refinance ....The ones you want to concentrate on are the ones where the sale date is cancelled. These are the parties actively trying to save their homes. You do have their name and address from the complaint.

As far as identifying abuse or malicious, that would be when you see a single attorney or group of attorneys all from the same firm with 25-100% of the FC sale listings. They do things in bulk and are difficult to deal with and represent multiple lenders and several states. I call 'em foreclosure mills because they win by default using a template. They play dirty when you challenge them. In my area, you will see the Lenders in the bulk listings on the FC auction listings and you could just use the search term to pull up listings using SLS, RTR, etc.
Thank you so much for the response. Is there anyway you could hop on a call with Erik & I this week and go into depth about this? I get what you're saying but I am having trouble executing. I can't seem to find a site that allows me to search SLS, RTR etc with ease. I have to open each file for a document and then skim them to see who it is FC'ing @Survivor_IN
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Different States, even different Counties, have different systems. Everyone here is from a different State, so what works for one might not work for another. Check your messages and good luck with that very large rabbit hole.