After 9 years, sherrif sale... need some help/advice


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Aug 29, 2010
long story short

bought a first house back in 2009

went through hardship and defaulted

went through a period of depression and just decided to just let the house go into foreclosure. spoke with a NJ lawyer back then and he said getting sued for the deficiency is very rare in the state.

9 years later, im now married with child, decent paying job. property finally going through sheriff sale this month

just couple questions for the state of NJ

my wife is nowhere on the original mortgage papers because we met many years after the fact. she knows about my situation. we not live in the state of TX. i guess the mortgage company sent somebody to personally mail me documents about the pending foreclosure. he asked for my wifes name and i gave it like an idiot. Now, my wifes name also appears on the foreclosure posting as a defendant. is this common practice? in the case of a deficiency judgment, can the bank also come after my wife and her credit? the only info they have is her name

also, how common or rare is a deficiency judgment in the state of NJ? i own nothing under my name besides that debt. my credit is decent after going through

last question, i know that no new news about an extension of the mortgage debt forgiveness act yet. if i do get a 1099c, im guessing no way to not have to pay taxes on the forgiven debt? is it guaranteed to receive a 1099c?