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Wasn’t sure where to post this. It’s a long story and I hope I can articulate myself with this thread.
About 6 years ago, I hired someone to modify my home loan(s). The first loan was with Everhome(now TIAA bank) and the 2nd was with Citi. The person I hired to modify the loan told me to stop paying both and she would get this rectified for me. It was a long 4 years but she finally had the everhome mortgage modified. The citi, I believe she forgot about, (she tells me otherwise), had no activity or payment on those 4 years decided to garnish my wages about 3 years ago.
The loan was around 50,000. After hiring her(again) to fix the citi and assuring me that she could get it stopped and reduced to nothing, has been garnishing my wages for 3 years. It it now around 33,000. I want to call citi with my accountant and just be put on a cheaper payment plan where they are not garnishing my wages and a lower payment. I would love for it to get dismissed altogether and down to 0, which she assured me she can but I can’t wait any longer.
I guess my question is, how would I go about this? Also, I think they sold the loan to a creditor. Do I call the creditor or citi?
What do I do?
thanks for reading

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Would you mind giving me a call about this? Here's my number: 619-379-8999. I'm very recognized when it comes to satisfying 2nd liens that are old and charged off and I have some questions because I've never seen a 2nd lien holder garnish wages before.

Here's my e-mail as well: [email protected]

Not only am I interested in what's going on but I'm also able to let you know how I can possibly help.