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    Dishcharged Bk Home Loan Sold? Do I Have To Pay?

    I filed BK on my house in 2008 and it was discharged. I have been paying still but want to walk away or sell house. My loan was sold, if I walk away do I have to pay the new home loan servicer? Will it report on credit since its a new company, not the co I filed BK on?
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    Bofa Sold Loan To Caliber But Also Sent Me Notice Of Intent?

    I have had an ARM jumbo loan with B of A since 2005. I have only been paying interest and the rate has fluctuated. In 2008 I filed BK and did not reaffirm the debt. But I have been paying the mortgage still. I got my 2nd mortgage forgiven just this May 2015 so now I have equity. My 1st is now...