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    Bofa 8.5 Billion Mortgage Bond Settlement

    Can anyone tell me if there is any homeowner consumer relief in the recent Bank of America 8.5 billion dollar mortgage bond settlement? I can't really understand the legal talk in the settlement except that Bank of America/Countrywide is mentioned along with Bank of New York Mellon (BONY) who is...
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    Wells Fargo Short Sale

    Hi Moe, Could you or anyone else possibly give me some insight and advice on a home I had to short sale with Wells Fargo. I purchased the home in 2005 for 260k with 60k down. The mortgage was the pick your payment through World Savings and was then sold to Wells Fargo. My daughter and her...
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    Bofa Hamp Tier 2 Question

    Hi Moe, I just received from B of A my approval letter and trial period plan for a HAMP Tier 2 Program. My husband was forced out of his employment due to the age requirements for his job. His income was reduced by approximately 50%. The HAMP Tier 2 offer reduces our payments to approximately...
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    Advice please!!! Boa doj, mod, property tax question

    I have a CW jumbo loan. Told condistantly from 4/12 -10/12 eligible for DOJ settlement. In 10/12 BofA retracted eligibility stating "Invester - Bof NY Mellon and Servicer Bof had to be the same." Denied any other modifications available since we were current. Received letter from BofA rep...
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    Bony participation in national settlement?

    Can anyone tell me if Bank of New York Mellon signed on to the National Settlement and if so, where can I find the official document stating so? I have contacted BofA several times as they are my servicer with BONY being the invester, and I have been told yes they are included and I am eligible...
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    Wells Fargo AG Settlement Offer Question

    Received a call from WF regarding AG Settlement. I was told that they would lower my current interest 5.8 to 4.2. I asked about a principle reduction and was told that WF under the AG settlement is not offering principle reductions. I inquired about other WF modification programs and the rep...
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    Imminent default?

    Can anyone tell me what BofA's definition is for "imminent default" and what information do they use to determine imminent default? Is there a calculaton that is used? What does the debt to income ratio need to be to be concidered "imminent default"?
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    Advice please!!! Drowning fast with underwater mortgage!

    I have a $700,000 1st with BofA (originally CW) that according to BofA qualifies for the national global settlement. I also have a $150,000 second with PNC. The fair market value on my home is currently $433,000, underwater is an understatement. Prior to the global settlement I was told by the...