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    Suing PNC in Eastern District Michigan Fed Court

    My case is now filed in Federal Court Eastern District Michigan. We just received a copy of PNC's request to dismiss count 4,the HAMP count,due to basically lack of standing. We are countering that of course and looking for other cases like the California case that supported the borrower in that...
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    Pnc/ state of michigan

    HELLO ALL. My attorney, Bruce Redman of Bloomfield Hills MI are looking for fighting homeowners dealing with PNC formerly National City Mortgage. We've filed suit and PNC's attorneys have bumped it to Federal Court. If you have a story to tell, please direct it to this thread!
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    Us district court, eastern michigan detroit

    My attorney was just notified that PNC has hired a new law firm to represent them rather than their robo signer foreclosure attorney's Trott and Trott. These new attorneys bumped it to US District Court, but USDC has kicked the state portion of our complaint back to the state court. This means...
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    Trott and Trott in Michigan, also a foreclosure factory

    Anyone out there dealing with them? They recently just purchased another local title company and have been an owner of "attorney's title" that issues the seller's (foreclosing lender) side of the business for years. They will close on behalf of the seller, and often will handle the buyers side...
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    Chase losing millions in deposits for not helping homeowners

    Just saw on local Detroit News one division of the UAW is pulling their accounts from Chase for not helping homeowners in Michigan. There was also mention of them not supporting farmers in North Carolina. Chase's response was that they had done 900,000 LOAN MODIFICATIONS... From what I read...
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    Neil borosky new sheriff in town

    Did anyone see Neil Cavuto yesterday interview this guy? He's the new Administration's crime fighter for the TARP FUNDS. One comment he made struck me, although most of his commentary was "criminal investigations". He mentioned an AUDIT FUNCTION that would/is also dealing with the loan...
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    Anyone Dealing with Provident Funding

    My dear friends are trying to work with Provident Funding. If anyone has had dealings with them, or knows THEIR story, please post bank!!
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    Does anyone know about assignment recordings?

    I'm wondering if anyone knows if an the lending bank (the guy that gives you the money) has to not only record a transfer to the servicer, but also has to record a transfer to the investor? Is it possible that the contract between the servicer and the investor defines the servicer's rights to...
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    Pnc refusing hasp 2nd lien subordination

    ANYONE ELSE HAVING A PROBLEM WITH THEM?? I have a borrower that has applied for Freddie's Hasp. All approved ready to go, and PNC is denying the subordination on the second because the CLTV is over 100%. Well, HELLOOOO.. That's why we're using HASP. I've had other banks subordinate with no...
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    Wrongful foreclosure in michigan

    LONG STORY SHORT, I WORKED FOR 18 MONTHS TRYING FOR MODIFICATION WITH PNC. The initial run around was "my investor doesn't modify", but then I fell into the forebearance trap for 8 months, hoping new programs would become available. I was consistently denied due to "deficit income", and told I...