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    Thoughts on a HEL settlement

    As a follow-up, I still had to call Chase back today with regards to the insurance check. So while I was on the phone, I clarified the program referenced. Its called Regulation X. The gentleman on the phone said point blank I wouldn't find "anything on a Google search" about it, but quite...
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    Thoughts on a HEL settlement

    Thread resurrection. Chase sent a counter offer on Christmas Eve for the same percent, but this time broken up into smaller payments over six months. As tempted as I was to get this behind me, it wouldn't fit into our budget and I sent a counter restating my terms (2%). I didn't hear back at...
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    Capital One Check today...

    Today, I received a check in the mail from Capital One. It was for $39, which I believe is what my annual fee was. Mid year last year, we stopped paying on this card. I'm expecting a suit mid year this year from them, and hoping we can settle with our 2nd mortgage first and then file for...
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    US Bank foreclosure letters?

    For most of the second half of this year we've paid our mortgage between 10 and 25 days late. 3 times we've fallen slightly beyond that, such as the November 1st payment which I just made on Friday. US Bank locks you out of online payments once you fall 30 days late, but a payment to bring it...
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    Thoughts on a HEL settlement

    Is that something I need to spell out in my counter offer though, since their language said "may" whereas I want a guarantee it will?
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    Thoughts on a HEL settlement

    Tom, is there a template for a counter offer letter somewhere on these boards? I received my first offer (20%) and plan to counter with 2% with a goal of 5-7% but want it to be composed properly. Also, their letter says it "may be able" to release the lien. I want a guarantee of lien release --...
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    Do I make counter offer or wait for them to come to me with lower offer

    I posted a reply in the wrong thead. This post needs deleted
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    Thoughts on a HEL settlement

    Updates.... I just wanted to touch base some more; with the exception of a phone call I initiated in August to Chase and a letter I received stating that they would be "in touch", we haven't heard anything. I contacted them in August because we finally got sued for credit card debt we had to...
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    Thoughts on a HEL settlement

    A bit of background first: We bought our house in 2005, only paying $77,000 for it. We felt the house was worth more, as did the prior owners, but they had just built a new house and simply wanted out of this place. In 2007, we needed to tap that equity due to medical bills and applied for a...