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    Help-in fc, offered settlement, bank will except but wants financials

    I'm in FC and have made a settlement offer to bank to settle. Bank is holding 1st and 2nd and is FC on both under 1 lis pendens. Bank will except settlement but insists that they must have full financial because of their (or SEC) regulation requirements. I will not submit any as they also...
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    Can bank fc 1st and 2nd mortgage under 1 lis pendens filing?

    This deals with a commercial property in FL. Does anyone know if it is legal and/or possible for a bank to FC both 1st and 2nd mortgage (both in default) with the filing of only 1 Lis Pendens? for example; count 1, 1st mortgage amount $$$ corp. name count 2 1st mortg. personal name...
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    Why banks would rather foreclose

    Informative article as to why banks would rather foreclose then modify loss-share agreements banks: Some banks abusing loss-share agreements - Sun Sentinel
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    florida supreme court foreclosure case- intresting reading

    Mortgage foreclosure,emerging issues,Florida Supreme Court,Pino v. The Bank of New York,Duane Morris