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    Should We Refinance

    current interest rate is 4.25% and have about 25 years left on a 30 year mortgage. Plan on staying in the house for at least another 10 years. Heard you should redo if you plan to stay in the house long enough to recoup the closing costs. Thanks
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    Can I Get A 2nd Mortgage?

    we currently have a mortgage and live in the home. It has two mortgages as it was an 80/20 type of deal when we took it out in 2005. House is worth about $330k and we owe about that. We have never refinanced or took a loan against the house. We are current with our mortgage and always have been...
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    2 Loans

    When we took out our loan about 7 years ago we did an 80/20 and we have two loans ....essentially 2 mortgages I guess. Are there any negatives to this from a credit, future loans etc. standpoint? Thanks
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    Mortgage fraud

    This guy was our lawyer when we bought our home about 8 years ago. Do we have any recourse that could help us? Thanks Expose Corrupt Courts: Suffolk Lawyer Is Accused of Mortgage Fraud
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    Paying a lawyer

    Does paying a lawyer to help with a modification and doing a forensic audit increase the chances of getting approved as opposed to doing it yourself? I have applied already and got rejected based on income. I am with Wells Fargo/ASC but my mortgage is backed by a private investor. We presently...
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    Can I ever get my two loans into one

    Our loans are serviced by ASC and WF is the bank. We got a modification about 5 years ago through NACA and now our 1st and second loans are not FAnnie or Freddie backed. Is there anyway, besides paying it off, that we can combined these two loans into one? We owe more than the value of our home...
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    Any REFI Options

    Our mortgage is not Fannie or Freddie backed. We owe $375k and the home is worth about $300K. We have two mortgages due to the shadiness we unknowingly got into about 7 years ago. Is our only sensible option HARP 3.0 when it comes out? Thanks very much. Oh by the way our mortgage is serviced by...
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    Wells Fargo Modification

    Me and my wife have a 1st and 2nd mortgage that we took out about 6 years ago. We got caught up in that mortgage mess and our rates adjusted about 4 years ago to 9% and 12%. We went through the NACA modification about 3 years ago and got a modification to 5.75% and 6.25%. and they added some...
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    Geeezzz....can't find any help....depressed....

    Hello and thanks for reading our post. Ok, here is our situation. Where have two loans, one for 300k and the 2nd for 75k. We had our first modified by our lender ASC,when it adjusted , to 6.5% but they they keep rejecting us for the second saying we have to much debt. That loan is @ 11.5%. Our...
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    please help

    I am not with Countrywide I am with ASC but I did not know where to post. We are really never more than 30-45 days late paying our mortgage. We have 2 mortgages, on that is 300k and the other that is 75k. We had the first-300k- adjusted from 12 percent to 6 percent by ASC but the 2nd adjusted up...