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    When do you think the Housing Market will recover?

    Hi All, Just wanted to see what others feedback of when the housing market will recover? Been listening to the media that Warren Buffet is bullish on the housing market. Some say this year some say 2014 some say never. I'm thinking with all the buyers who lost their homes during the...
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    Balloon Payments on Loan Mods?

    Hi All, I have been reading about the terms that the lucky people are getting approved loan mods and some have balloon payments at the end. Does all HAMP mods have balloon payments? What exact does balloon payments mean? Does this mean at the end of lets say a 30 year term you would owe the...
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    Pre-Foreclosure Leasing reviews? Is this for real or a scam?

    So I have decided to start looking around online for a place to rent. I went online on craigslist and found some ads that look to be from some type of property management company. The price and home look great. I called then and they said this home is a pre-forclosure leasing. That they can...
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    Help - Can Filing Bankruptcy postpone the trustee sale? running out of time quick

    I live in CA and have a trustee sale date of 12/27/10. I have been in the loan mod loop for 7 months and have 8 payments not made with Chase. Currently it is in underwriting and they say only underwriting can postpone the trustee sale. I have read that some of the houses have been sold during...
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    Why do a loan modification? Is it even financially wise?

    Ok I'm up late and like past 7 months can't sleep worrying about my loan modification. It just dawn to me that a loan modification isn't even financial wise so why should I even keep at it? Other than allowing you to keep your home during a financial hardship because most of us love our home...
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    Any experiences with

    Just wondering if anybody has any experiences to share with At this point I don't know who the trust. Thank you
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    Reviews and Experiences with services

    Hi All, Hope someone can help. I have a chase loan of 300k and a 80k HELOC, current value of the home in zillow is 250k in CA. Have not paid for 8 payments. Called Chase when i was current and they said I have to stop paying inorder to apply for HAMP. Been in faxing in documents like everyone...