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    Is there a conspicary between real estate brokers and lenders in selling homes?

    Realtors and real estate transactions have always been shady. This is why they wont let you talk directly to the home owner. BS crap. Its all just a form of negotiating on who will give in first. If you dont get emotions involved then you just set a price and lowball until you get the house...
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    Trustee Sale Happened!! Now what.....?

    I want them to sell my house also, but they keep postponing the sale. I have no contact with the banks. I want to know what we are liable or repsonsible after the house is sold in the trustee sales. Tracking this thread to see what others has experienced after the trustee sale.
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    Short Sale or Foreclosure - Then Chapter 7 - Please Help

    You can time your BK file that day before the trustee sale date and stay for at least 3 more months rent free.
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    7/11/11 is my lucky day , It happened for me!

    Congrats on getting your Perm loan mod. What is the current home value and what was the purchase price and down payment? Let me get this straight so your current loan amount is $365k and you have a balloon payment of $233k after 40 years due in full. so essentially do are doing a loan mod of...
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    can we short sale a home surrendered in bankruptcy?

    I have been trying to work with Chase to get a loan mod for over 1 year and been getting the same run around and denied twice. I'm so over this... 200k underwater, neighborhood with foreclosures and short sales, 80k Heloc, too far to drive now with gas prices going up. Filed BK CH7 just...
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    Trying to come to terms with this all.

    Your priorities are to your family FIRST. All mortgages and credit card agreements are just business transactions. Don't let the banksters make you feel any other way. Banksters dont care about your family, you are just a number and they will do whatever necessary to benefit the banks and...
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    update on our walk. b of a still calls, someone came by and took pics. we bought a hose for 50k ca

    Congrats on your new home purchase. Buying a house free and clear is always the best. You don't have to deal with the banks and pay them interest. Also the peace of mind that if for some reason you lose income in the future, the banks can't take away your home. During the boom the banksters...
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    HAFA short sale with EMC/CHASE looking good!

    Its refreshing to have some good news for once, congrats. Just curious do you have any 2nd mortgage, lien or HELOC on the house? I filed for CH 7BK and was hoping to maybe do a Short Sale also after the CH7 BK. Thanks in advance
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    BOA is DOING NOTHING!! Been making Trial Payments x5 MONTHS!

    PPGirlie1 - if you made up your mind not to pay then you might as well stick it to the bank as long as you can by playing the "HAMPSTER WHEEL"... Just make sure you prepare and get informed about any defiencies and make them own the house before the end of the 2012 year to take advantage of the...
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    Documenting our Walk

    Get Google voice and call the creditor with that new google voice number. I believe its is against the law for creditors to harass you at work. When you give them the google voice number it will go to his cell phone and from there he can screen the calls.
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    Walking Away in the IE

    Thanks for the update. Save all your money on free rent. Just make sure they foreclose before 2012 ends to take advantage of the tax reliefs. These big banks all knew about these high risk loans and also knew that they had enough power in congress to bail them out using our taxes. It was a...
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    Re: Principal reduction companies

    If this is not a scam.. then why don't you step up and have a case study that was successful and post the loan documents that proves it. If you are legit and is looking for the best interest to help distressed home owners then this wouldnt be a problem. The banks are already screwing with...
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    Freddie Mac Forclosing on My HOme

    Great News - If there is any names, phone numbers, and emails that you can share, please do so. This can help others in this forum. Goodluck and God Bless.
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    26 months later....I am approved for a final mod!

    Congrats on our loan mod. I hope its permanent. Just curious since its taking your 26 months and another person 3 years, were you current on your payments or you stopped making your monthly payments? If you stopped making monthly payments for 26 months how much was the all the late fee and...
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    Finally got a temp mod! 3 years in the making

    If you decide to take this modification, ask for a permanent modification rather than trial payments. Since its a in-house modification there is no rules how long the "trial modification" can last. It would be terrible if after your "trial payment" the banks comes up with some excuse to deny...
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    Freddie Mac Forclosing on My HOme

    First you should talk to a lawyer, but here are 3 other options to stop the sale date: 1) search the forum for your mortgage servicer and email to the CEO and president immediately. 2) file for bk if applicable- will postpone the sale date a few months 3) use a sale date delay service (last...
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    8 months of no payments...any nothing????

    I believe the banks are purposely lagging because it is not in the best interest for them. If it was in the best interest of the bank they would forclose immediately. Some people have a theory that they are postponing the official final forclosure of the home until the end of 2012, so you will...
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    Victory over Chase! Homeowners with loans originated by WaMu - help is here!

    MACAT - My loan is also originally from another security bank then to WAMU and then taken over by CHASE. How do you go about doing a title search and how much does that cost? I am in Cali.
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    Walking Away in the IE

    Thanks for sharing, I am in the same boat in IE. Right now on the Hamp Wheel. Keep us posted Goodluck and God Bless!