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  1. MargaretC

    Options For Mortgage Post-foreclosure And New Hardship

    My husband and I walked away from a home 5 years ago. We moved back to our first home which we had used as a rental. Foreclosure was in April 2013. Current mortgage is adjustable. My husband recently passed away and I'm wondering if that qualifies me for any special programs. Thank you! Margaret
  2. MargaretC

    What Are Our Options For Refinancing 3 Years Post Foreclosure?

    It is my understanding that we can only get an FHA loan which will require PMI and an initial payment of, in our case, around $6000. We want to get out of our ARM, but not too thrilled about these extra costs. Do we have any other options? If not, we are thinking of just keeping the ARM and...
  3. MargaretC

    Need advice on Cash For Keys Negotiation

    Hi - Our house sold at auction to an investment company. I was contacted by their property mgmt company and they offered cash for keys. The guy asked me to send him a copy of my spouse and my licenses and he would send a "contract." He has not sent contract. I called him last week and he...
  4. MargaretC

    Does anyone have experience w/ "Strategic Property Management"?

    Strategic Property Management bought our house and we just received 3-Day Notice To Quit from them. Does anyone have any experience dealing w/ them? Thank you!
  5. MargaretC

    Worried we haven't been contacted by buyer after Trustee Sale

    It's been 13 days since trustee sale and we haven't heard from buyer yet. We aren't living in house but a family member is. I'm afraid we will suddenly get an eviction notice and have to immediately move out. Is that possible? How far can we push the envelope without getting into trouble...
  6. MargaretC

    Received a letter from Chase today saying our debt is cancelled

    Is this for real? I received a letter from Chase via UPS that says, in part, "We are cancelling the remaining amount you owe Chase! We are writing to let you kow that we are cancelling the amount you owe Chase on the loan referenced below, totalling $95, 235. 10, as a result of a recent...
  7. MargaretC

    Refinancing a loan after foreclosure

    Hi - We are moving into our former rental property soon and I'm wondering if it will be possible to refinance if it ever regains 20% equity. We have an adjustable mortgage and would want to get rid of that before payments get too high but I'm not sure if that will be possible w/ the...
  8. MargaretC

    What the heck do random symbols mean? :-)

    I've been doing a lot of reading here in the past few days and notice a lot of the time, especially in SOJL thread that when someome states a settlememt % it seems to be replaced w/ numbers and symbols (can't remember what they are.). Why is that????
  9. MargaretC

    BofA Enhanced Assistance Program

    I received a letter from BofA today offering up to $30,000 to short sell our house. Does anyone have any information about this program? thank you!
  10. MargaretC

    Can we; get in trouble w/ bank for non-permitted work in house?

    Hi - We took a wall out in our house and are worried when the bank takes house we'll get in trouble. Is that possible? We stopped mid-project so the work is obvious w/ fresh sheetrock. Thanks!
  11. MargaretC

    To Moe or Evan - What are the stats?

    Hi guys - been many people are starting to walk away compared to the last several years? Thanks!
  12. MargaretC

    Question for experienced landlords - Tomeason?

    My tenant just paid last rent as she is moving out next month then called to say she thinks she already paid last month's rent when she moved in. My memory is that she did not. The lease does not reflect that and my bank deposits don't reflect that (as best as i can tell from looking at old...
  13. MargaretC

    Can friend walk away? Owner carrying paper....

    a friend wants to walk away but they didn't borrow from a bank, the former owner is "carrying the paper." What would happen if they walked away? are the rules different in this scenario?
  14. MargaretC

    How long did you negotiate to stay in home after sale date?

    My NOD was filed on 12/7/11, so I'm planning for sale date of end of March. I have asked my tenants to leave our rental that we will be moving back to by 3/1, but now I thinking I should push it to at least 4/1. I'd like to give them as long as possible, not to mention live rent free as long...
  15. MargaretC

    "important Message" from BofA - Is it significant?

    Hi all - Just received notification that servicing of loan is switching from BAC to BofA. Is this a routine event or could it be related to our non-payment? Thank you!
  16. MargaretC

    What does this mean?

    My friend foreclosed and this is what it said on blockshopper: B: Aurora Loan Serv Llc S: Cal Westn Recon Corp (Trustee), What does that mean? Her house just sold this month for around $425,000 but in June 2010 it was sold at around $625,000 by the above. What does that mean? Thanks!
  17. MargaretC

    First message from collection agency (Oxford)

    We finally got a message from a collection agency today. I'm assuming it's regarding our second mortgage. What do I do???? Do I call back? What happens from here? Thanks so much!
  18. MargaretC

    Mobile home

    A relative is thinking of walking away from a mobile home in Washington state. Are there any special rules that apply in this situation? She rents space for the mobile home but it has become uninhabitable and she still owes $10,000 which she doesn't have. Thanks!
  19. MargaretC

    Is there a clue that NOD is about to happen on BoA statement?

    Hi - Justwondering if those who've received a NOD from B of A had any particular tip off that it was about to happen. Did the urgent warning on your statement say something in particular? Thanks!
  20. MargaretC

    Chase 2nd and use of Chase Credit Card

    I'm wondering if I should be careful on how I use my Chase credit card (wish I had applied for a different card before all this!). I charge everything so I can get points, but now I'm wondering if when I try to settle my Chase Recourse 2nd this will come back to haunt me. I'm assuming the...