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    Ditech Customers Pls Read

    If you send the a Qualified Written Request (QWR) under RESPA, they have a legal obligation to respond and to respond timely and accurately. I can't assure you that they will do that but I can say have a legal obligation to. If they do not respond, then you can sue them for violations under...
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    Hamp Principal Reduction Fraud By Servicers

    You could potentially sue for breach of contract. Please send in a QWR and see what you can get in writing from them. Learn RESPA and treat it like your Bible.
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    Nationstar Recast After Kyhca Prp

    Hey this may be too late but you must have already had a HAMP mod if you got the recast offer letter. If you're having trouble making your payment, I would accept the recast until your in a better situation.
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    Ditech Customers Pls Read

    You can file with the CFPB but it will not do you as much good in getting things done as a QWR under RESPA for which you can sue. Learn QWRs and use them like a sword to take them down.
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    Ditech Please Help

    I know this is old but I implore you read what Maurice wrote and just do it. Do not bother with phone calls, send a QWR under RESPA with any issues that you have. By this method they have to respond, they have to fix, and or explain errors or you can sue for damages. Send these certified mail...
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    (seterus) Pmi Automatic Termination Potential Violations

    Here is a case that clarifies it: Wells Fargo Class Action:
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    Anyone Else Receiving Recast Offers From Wells Fargo?

    The HAMP recast is designed to lower your monthly payment. The letters usually state that you will be paying more interest if you recast and that is not true; the total interest or terms do not change after the recast however if you do not acccept it, you will actually pay your loan off...
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    Recast Our Mortgage

    Hi Cindarz, This is probably a little late but the recast doesn't mean that you will pay additional interest; the amount will still be the same as it was after your HAMP mod. What the recast does is simply lower your monthly payments under the same term. If you do not take the recast, you...
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    Hamp Incentive Payments And Pmi Cancellation

    Hi Delta, I'm glad to read that you're having success with situation! Of course my servicer is wrong, Ditech is terrible and their reps are unedcuated. Trust me when I say I'm on top of them and they will do the right thing or I will sue them. So far they've correctly applied my HAMP...
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    Hamp Incentive Payments And Pmi Cancellation

    Hi Delta, Here is what I learned: Since I had a HAMP mod, my home was given a new value of approximately 25,000 lower than the amount that I purchased it for, effectively changing LTV that the PMI termination rules are based on. That said, Ditech is saying that the PMI is supposed to drop off...
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    Hamp And The Hopa - How Does Your Mod Affect Your Pmi?

    Hi there Maurice, Yes I did read that and responded to it. Hopefully she will respond with more detail. Thanks again!
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    Hamp And The Hopa - How Does Your Mod Affect Your Pmi?

    I'm having a very hard time with trying to figure out the new rules regarding HAMP and HOPA (Homeowners Protection ACT of 1998) and when PMI automatically terminates based on the modification. According to my original loan (a refi), PMI was due to terminate as of 9/1/15 because my LTV reached...
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    Tier 1 Hamp Mod & Pmi Termination Date Success

    So what your saying is that your HAMP didn't modify the terms of your original loan? My servicer, now Ditech, formerly Greentree is saying that when my loan was modified, they have a modification value that replaces the orginal value. Like hazmat1047, this is true of my loan as well: A) I...
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    Hamp Incentive Payments And Pmi Cancellation

    Hi acdeming, Just wondering if you have any updates? I'm going through a sorta similar hell with Ditech, formerly Greentree who recently settled a class action. The people at Ditech, with the exception of a few, are morons. I have filed complaints with the CFPB, my state AG, the BBB and I...
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    (seterus) Pmi Automatic Termination Potential Violations

    Hi hazmat1047, I'm dealing with the same with Ditech however I did get a new amortization schedule but not a new PMI termination date. They are giving me a new home value based on the modifcation but no appraisal? The HPA doesn't really address this issue at all and neither does Fannie Mae...