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    Calling all homeowners who have received a modification from B of A's subservicers since being trans

    Hi Fellow forum members... I am doing a poll and would be very interested in finding out who has received a permanent loan modification from the sub servicer that B of A has transferred you to since the National Mortgage settlement went into effect in 2012? B of A has been selling off its...
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    B of A using their DOJ settlement obligation amount to 'settle' their own deliquent 2nd loans???

    Just when you think this bank can't get any more slimy in their actions... I am starting to read about quite a few 'homeowners' that are getting their 2nd loans - that are still owned by B of A - foregiven completely, when the homeowner is delinquent and in default on the 1st, or in some cases...
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    It appears that B of A is not using Recontrust right now in WA State, is that right? Is it due to th

    Does anyone know if the lawsuit against REcontrust in WA State has slowed down B of A in the foreclosure process? Who is B of A now assigning as the subsequent Trustee for their new foreclosures in WA State? .
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    How Many with B of A NA now as servicer have received Intent to Accelerate since July?

    Received my Intent to Accelerate dated Sept 16, only 45 days after being officially late - not making August or Sept payment. How many others are having B of A jump on this issue in such a quick fashion? No mention anywhere on the 2 page doc that states who the note holder is, or what the late...
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    Who has gotten a principal reduction with their modification, what state and how did you get it?

    Does anyone know if B of A has gotten more aggressive with doing principal reductions, or less so, and what is the criteria that they are using to do so? I have seen some here posted from CA, but wonder if they are doing very many in WA state as well, and what is the criteria for getting one...
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    Jumbo pay option arm with CW in 2007 that is $ 200k+underwater and BA refused 1st HAMP mod attempt

    History- credit scores were in top 700's and CW showed us a pay option product at last minute on new construction home, and only showed us the monthly payment breakdown of the min amount vs. a 7 yr ARM product that we had been looking at, telling us we could us the extra cash for the new home...
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    DENIED by B of A for HAMP after waiting 16 months and multiple errors on their part

    Can Anyone advise me of what my next options might be? Have a Countrywide Pay Option loan from 2007 on new home construction that I have been trying to modify with B of A since 2008. In Oct 2009 passed the pre qual screener for the govt.'s HAMP. I thought light at the end of the tunnel...