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  1. eightracker

    Just Accomplished My 4th Rental House Loan Mod

    I started with-holding 3 months of payments, and then submitting a request for loan modification in February of 2013 with each rental, one at a time, beginning with those serviced by Chase. The first three went fine, but the last one they sent to their wholly-owned subsidiary...
  2. eightracker

    Confusion Over Liability After 2nd Lien Is Released Or Charged Off

    In this thread,, the last post stated, "Chase can't under California's "security first" law release the lien just so that they can sue you." In this thread...
  3. eightracker

    You wants to see determination? Now there's two reasons why I'm posting this; one is for entertainment. But the other is to encourage you to think of that mouse's efforts, and consider yourself as in that position, with the cracker symbolizing the loan...
  4. eightracker

    Second approved loan modification on a rental under my belt

    My first rental house loan mod was discussed in this thread; Today I received notification that my second rental mod was also approved. The original principal/interest/tax, and separate...
  5. eightracker

    Which investor, BONY or FNMA, would be more lenient for mod?

    I have a number of rental houses, serviced by different banks, and with different investors. I recently got a final mod approval with Chase, as servicer for Wells Fargo, for one house. I am pursuing them for additional mods on houses where Wells is also the investor, but on two residences...
  6. eightracker

    BONY & Chase get boned in QT suit

    "No record evidence of any assignment of the mortgage loan to defendants" Amina et al v. The Bank Of New York Mellon | Hawaii Federal District Court Applies Rules of Evidence: BONY/Mellon, US Bank, JP Morgan Chase Failed to Prove Sale of Note
  7. eightracker

    What can I expect to happen?

    I'm in Southern California, and have a number of rental houses (all underwater). In 2008, EMC Mortgage gave me 4-1/2 year temporary modifications on the five of them that they serviced, at interest only payments (plus escrow for T & I), with a rate of 5 per cent. Chase took over the...
  8. eightracker

    Chase acquired 1st in Las Vegas, NV W/O assignment vulnerable?

    We bought a house to use as a vacation home in Las Vegas, Nevada, in 2004 for $260,000, and proceeded to doll it up with another $30,000. Both the first and HELOC were originated with WAMU. Homegain displays it's maximum current value as $120,000, and the current total debt = about $230,000...
  9. eightracker

    We gots the declining asset blues

    We live in SoCal, and bought a vacation SFR in Las Vegas in 2004 for $260K, putting $60K down, using a Neg-Am Adjustable. A BPO placed it's current value at about $110K. The current LB is $206K, along with a $33.5K HELOC, also with Chase, which is where we have our checking accounts, and a...