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    Does Having A Chase 1st And 2nd (heloc) Help Or Hurt When Trying To Settle 2nd?

    We have a Chase 1st (current) and a Chase 2nd (not reaffirmed in Chap 7 and no payments since 2012). These are both former WAMU loans. Ballpark #'s are 1st $500K and 2nd $250k with home value $725K. We are in CA. We are following 'the strategy to settle 2nd'. Does anyone have any insight or...
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    Realtime Resolutions Sends 2nd Mtg File Back To Chase

    For almost 18 months RTR has had my Chase 2nd mtg file. Best offer from RTR to settle was about 18%- we offered about 3%. They now have returned the file to Chase. Anyone know if this is a good sign, bad sign, or doesn't mean much?
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    Chase and the upcoming DOJ settlement

    Reading that Chase and the Feds are discussing a global type settlement in the $11 billion range for Chase/WAMU securitization misrepresentation (my words). Read that approx $4 billion of it would go to consumers (??). Also read that a point of contention in the negotiations are the WAMU loans...
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    Chase 1st and 2nd

    New to forum. Hopefully i'm in the right area. Details- Original WAMU 1st and second which are now Chase. These are both refi's. California property. Zillow home value $600K. Chase 1st is $590K. Chase 2nd (HELOC) is $250K. Business trauma resulted in personal Chap 7 BK which will discharge soon...