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    Good Article On Post Forclosure
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    California Homeowners Bill Of Rights

    it's almost 6 months since the new Ca foreclosure laws went into effect. I am looking for comments from those in CA that requested loan mods this year, how the new law is working for you, what the banks are doing to comply with the law, are the banks issuing more loan mods in Ca. etc. i have...
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    Hackers ?

    Seems like this site is getting Hacked a lot lately by new members right after they sign up for a new account. Bank Conspiracy ? What the Hell is going on ?
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    Are your chances better for a modification if the Lender tells you they are the invester or not

    I'm going to need a Mod on my 1st sooner or later. i was told by Citi that they were the investor and not Fannie or Freddie. Not sure if thats good or bad, I have a 7/1 10 int. only arm, and the 7 years just expired, but my rate is going down to 4% saving me $400 a month. great for now, but i...
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    Procrastination on Foreclosures, Now 'Blatant,' May Backfire

    August 27, 2010 Ever since the housing collapse began, market seers have warned of a coming wave of foreclosures that would make the already heightened activity look like a trickle. The dam would break when moratoriums ended, teaser rates expired, modifications failed and banks finally trained...
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    anyone heard of Home Equity Trust 2005-12 Gsaa

    Did they buy 1st's............2nd's............both ??
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    Small businesses grow more pessimistic: survey

    Small businesses grow more pessimistic: survey On Tuesday July 13, 2010, 7:34 am EDT WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Small businesses grew more pessimistic about their economic outlook in June in the face of weak sales and political uncertainty, the National Federal of Independent Businesses said...
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    A letter from Barney Frank on 2nd Mortgages

    March 8, 2010 Full Barney Frank letter: Mr. Brian Moynihan Bank of America Mr. Vikram Pandit Citigroup Mr. James Dimon JP Morgan Chase Mr. John Stumpf Wells Fargo Dear Messrs. Moynihan, Pandit, Dimon and Stumpf: The mortgage foreclosure crisis that began over two years ago, and which...
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    Citi- When should i try for a mod

    heres my story ; 1st-Citi-$417K- 7 year int. only option arm 4.5% adjusts 4/2012, Int only until 4/2015 2nd-HSBC HELOC $241K- 3.5% int only 10 years, adjusts monthly based on fed funs rate. currently in Ch-7 BK, will discharge in 60 days. Plan is to stop paying HELOC and try to settle to...
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    2nd mortgage-has anyone been forclosed on if its underwater ??

    hi there, Just wondering if there are any examples out there where someone had 2 seperate banks for their 1st and 2nd, then stopped paying their 2nd, and the 2nd forclosed, buying the property at auction, buy buying out the 1st ?? Thats the way I understand the process to work. If the...