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    Indymac and 1099

    We have not received any 1099 forms from Indymac. House was foreclosed 3/2012. The last thing I want to do is have to call Indymac, as I avoided that during the foreclosure process. Wondering if anyone who went through foreclosure in 2012 with Indymac have received their 1099 forms?
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    House was just auctioned off - Question on HOA dues

    House was just auctioned off on Friday 3/9/2012. HOA dues are payable on the 1st of the month, and late after the 15th. We technically owned the house for the first 8 days of March, though we were locked out of it. Do I pay the HOA a prorated amount for those days? Or do I tell the HOA to go...
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    Wondering about Zillow

    We are now officially in "foreclosure". I just saw on Zillow that our home value (according to Zillow) has jumped by $19,000.00 over the last month. But our neighbors on our street do not show an increase in value. We have been in foreclosure status now for a little over a month. Does this seem...
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    Question about Home Insurance Policy and Foreclosure

    We will be moving out of our home the end of September. We intended to have the utilities shut off, trash service, etc. Empty the swimming pool. We were not going to inform our insurance company that the house was vacant because it was my understanding that our policy would be much higher. The...
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    So, What Did You Remove From Your Home During Foreclosure?

    Would like to start a discussion. What did you end up removing from your home when you moved out after a foreclosure, or what are you planning on taking if you are currently going through a foreclosure? When we bought this house it was literally a rat trap. How it passed inspection, we will...
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    Received NOI today

    Signed for two certified letters this afternoon. One for my husband, and one for myself. Both were the same, the NOI on our 2nd. Stopped paying on the 2nd as of April 1st, 2011. Lender - IndyMac. Letter states we have until July 23rd to "cure our default". Which we have no plans to do...
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    How Can You Find Out About the Sale of Your Home at Auction

    How do you go about finding out how much your home sold for at the auction, or if it reverted to the Lender? A friend of mine just had a property of her's sold at auction today. It is located in San Diego. I told her I would try and see if I could help her. Thanks for any information.
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    Ring, Ring, Ring.....

    So, I thought I would give it a try, and finally answered one of those "unavailable number" calls, last week. Of course it was our lender, IndyMac, calling about our 2nd, which is an equity loan. We stopped paying on it in April. The woman was polite, and went through her rehearsed speech...
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    Foreclosure - What did you do about your swimming pool?

    Will be moving out of our home (foreclosure) in September. We will be taking turns (my husband, myself, and our son) staying at the home a few nights a week so it appears "lived in". We are very lucky to have two really great neighbors across the street that will let us know if there are any...
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    Any Financial Disclosure for a Foreclosure

    Just wondering, from what I've read on these threads, for doing a loan modification, or a short sale, you are required to submit personal financial information. If you just stop making your mortgage payments, and want to go forward with a foreclosure, do you have to give the lender any...
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    Are you going through a foreclosure with IndyMac Bank? What has been your experience?

    We are stopping our payments as of this month on our 1st, and small 2nd, both with IndyMac Bank. Would love to hear from people who's mortgages are with IndyMac, to get an idea of how their foreclosure "timeline" plays out. Also, if you used a real estate attorney, or any type of service...
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    Need Help - Debt Relief Mortgage Act

    We have an ARM that will reset in May 2012. We were planning on continuing to make the lowest payment on our loan until then, and then stopping our payments when the loan reset. We have to be able to use the Debt Relief Mortgage Act to avoid a bill with the IRS. The best we can tell our home is...