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  • me & wife have loan mod, 1st residence; M-I-L has own duplex res. w tenant & lease; foreclosed, got loan mod, then she died b/f signing, Affidavit of Heirship filed & wife only heir. can wife do loan mod on MIL res.? A rental loan mod? Claim as primary, & abandon current loan mod? residency requirement? 2 loan mods at once? only income mine + rent $; start app as rental or primary? separate primary residences?
    we had a countrywide subprime then BOA had it and gave us a interest only for 6 yrs no principal reduction I had a congressman the process, then transfer to SPS. Now the old note was 655k but value of house now is about 180K otherwise I will either have to do deed in lieu of to get the 10k relocation dollars. Can I force them to prove the deed owner in a foreclosure?
    had to filed bk chapter 7 and discharge the mortgage because the would not work with us for principal reduction 400k under water and had to retired , lost 50k income but i am retired disabled veteran still with income at 65k currently in short sale the loan has been discharged from credit report what options do i have to get a new mortgage need a one story home due to military disability
    Mr. Bedard,
    Filed a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy ending soon.
    Ocwen has already written off the second.
    Ocwen also holds the first and has indicated I can file a loan modification.
    I will not reaffirm so I am waiting for the bankruptcy to end.
    Any pointers with Ocwen?
    Hi Moe - I just received a trial modification letter that is more of forbearance and not making sense to me. Is there any way you could review this letter. I have a sale date of 07/07/15. Thanks in advance.
    Hello, we finally received a modification from BofA after 4 years. It's structured for 30 years,with the loan becoming due the original date in 20 years along with a very large balloon payment Unless we hit the lottery we won't have the money. What would you recommend we do? Im thinking refinance. What are your thoughts? If its to refi when would you recommend we do it? ……
    Hi Moe, I need help! I have a loan with B of A but it has been sold to Caliber as of May 15, 2015. I want to sell the house, do I ask for closing statement from Caliber? I have some late payments with B of A and they did not include them on the sale, do I still owe B of A the backpay? I filed Bk on the house back in 2008 so technically I don't have to right? Thanks!!
    HELOC Modification Offer, Need advise
    Home value $200K
    1st $36K was just modified through HAMP
    2nd $275K HELOC
    Offered the following.
    Months 1-12 1% interest on a $149,000 loan (40 years)
    Months 13-60 3% interest
    Months 61-408 3.7% interest
    At the end of 40 years a balloon payment of $125,000!
    I don't understand why I didn't receive a 2mp principle reduction mod?
    Is this a good mod or am I just being unrealistic?
    Moe - started a new thread and replied to another - neither has shown up. I'm signed in so not sure what's going on. Really need the forums feedback and advice asap. Thanks!
    Moe I made a bad mistake - I reported myself after one post that my husband didn't want out there yet- and it removed everything I posted- is there a way to correct that mistake I made?
    what would be the best approach in writing a hardship letter when a balloon payment will be due? When should I ask for a modification? The balloon payment is due Sept 2015 I noticed a post from someone that was in a similar situation. If the lender doesn't agree to modifying the balloon payment what can be done?
    Hi Moe,

    I am still not receiving instant emails concerning the threads I follow..
    Is there a problem with this feature?
    I hope you are well.
    Best regards Moe,
    Hi Moe: Is there a way for me to have 2 forum threads I started in The Lounge deleted? I don't see any option to do that myself, and I don't see a way to send a message to an admin. I realized the threads are pointless and don't have any useful information anyway.

    Please PM me. Thanks.
    Hi Moe,
    Chase sent me settlement for $25k on $124k loan (2nd lean) which was dis charged through Bk7. My 1st was modified and current. My home value is about $440k, my 1st is $235K. Will I have a cancellation of debt to IRS. They gave me a payment plan for 5 yrs option also. But does the tax obligation still there.
    I appreciate a response.
    Thank You.
    I need to write a hardship letter my mortgage is about to ujust and we will not to be able to afford new payment and I had a heart attack and my wife has lupus can you help with how should I write it thanks moe
    Hello Moe, isisis got in touch with you and asked if you can give an email to me to send some documents. If you send me your email I will send you mine then you send me isisis email if possible. Thanks
    HI Moe,I did 2 short sales over 4 years ago, i had to sign 2 promissory notes in order to close, they property was in Las Vegas on 2 investment condo's, after 4 years of paying the notes, all of sudden the bank Pyramax Bank) has put derogatory info on one of the credit bureaus,( account closed, charge off, profit loss write off) and i still get a statement from them that account is open.


    Hi Moe I just found out my 2nd was sent to Nationwide credit from Ocowen it was discharged in ch 7 in 2010 the original loan amount was 117000 and they said it is now 146000 we have not payed on it since 2010.what percentage should I start with in settlement offer.
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