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    Wells Fargo Active Foreclosure Letter

    Thanks for the update Pelican and congrats on the modification! Wells Fargo is very picky when it comes to subordination agreements required from any junior lien holder, what a blessing!
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    I Need Hamp Advice

    Hello Sapper, Bigfrog has sound advice, this can easily help delay the foreclosure process and buy you many more months in the property rent free. You may want to jump on the HAMPster Wheel. How to Play The HAMPster Wheel...
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    Anyone Know How To Get In Touch Directly With Fannie Mae (my Investor) About A Dil?

    Hello Mr. Lahey, Here are a few good email addresses you can use for Fannie Mae. [email protected] [email protected]
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    Need Assistance Finding My Pooling And Servicing Agreement - Wells Fargo N.a. Trustee

    Hello Housebroken, Do you have any specific questions in regards to the investor? I take it this has nothing to so with your 2nd correct?
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    Quick Question About Servicing Transfer Please!

    Hello NowimLate, Your new servicer is requires to send you written notice within 15 days after the scheduled date of the transfer. From the CFPB: Transfer of Servicing If your loan is transferred to a new servicer, you generally get two notices: one from your current mortgage servicer; the...
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    13 Tips To Help You Get A Loan Modification In 2014

    Just wanted to chime in here with some info on HAMP during an active Chapter 13 BK. Upon confirmation of the new payment amount, your trustee can make an adjustment to your approved Ch13 plan, reflecting the new payment amount. Borrowers in active Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases are...
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    Loan Modification with SPS - HELP

    My pleasure Kerri! We just changed int a new forum software so that may be the reason it shows you as a new member. I would definitely still file a compliant, don't let them strong arm you and threaten you with foreclosure while you're actively pursuing a modification.
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    Chase Bank foreclosure in Michigan

    Welcome and thanks for joining the LoanSafe community debbisme. Chase is simply servicing the account, they are not the owner of the loan. Your servicer's job is to collect payments and handle all collections activities on the account for the investor/owner (Wells Fargo), they do have the...
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    2nd mortgage was forgiven

    She needs to speak with her tax person, did she receive a 1099 for the forgiven amount?
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    FC Auction Adjournment

    Hello Oz, What state you are you located in? There are quite a few ways you can drag out the foreclosure process to help buy you some more time in the property. Have you recently applied for a loan modification?
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    Loan Modification with SPS - HELP

    Welcome and thanks for joining the LoanSafe community Lifeinmn. Let SPS know that they're dual tracking and this is strictly prohibited under the CFPB's new rulings. They are playing the "missing paperwork" excuse in order to move forward with foreclosure proceedings while the loan...
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    2nd mortgage was forgiven

    Hello Mayela, Yes, she's still eligible for forgiveness. This applies to principal reductions as well as 2nd mortgage settlements on primary residences. That's great news her 2nd was forgiven before the expiration of the MFDRA!
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    Login to the Forum

    Yes please let us know asap LovingOcwen, this is the first I've heard of anyone having this issue. We want to get all the kinks worked out right away!
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    Anyone had Success with Select Portfolio (SPS) Loan Mod?

    New laws did come into play to protect homeowners from wrongful foreclosures, but unfortunately none of the rules prohibit the lender from giving you the run around or request the same information over and over again. Here's an overview of the new regulations from the CFPB: Strong Protections...
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    Sued by Citibank for forclosure, then sued by Citibank on HELOC as a promissory note

    Welcome and thanks for joining the LoanSafe community Chrisn. Des has excellent advice! What state are you located in? In most states a secured junior lien holders cannot pursue you personally in lieu of foreclosure.